Movie titleEditionDate of purchaseYearCountryLength
Blu-ray Z Storm08/22/152014United States92
DVD Teen Wolf: Season 409/26/152014United States535
Blu-ray Strike Back: Cinemax® Season Two08/06/132012United States469
Blu-ray Jurassic Park12/01/111993United States127
Blu-ray Training Day02/16/082001United States122
Blu-ray The Omen10/07/081976United States111
Blu-ray The Bourne Supremacy12/30/092004United States109
Blu-ray Knightfall: Season One03/17/182017United States473
Blu-ray Anonymous03/12/122011United States130
Blu-ray Borgia: Saison 104/30/142011France622
Blu-ray Shinobi: Heart Under Blade05/14/082005United States102
Blu-ray Restrepo12/10/102010United States94
Blu-ray The Man From U.N.C.L.E.11/21/152015United States116
Blu-ray Pawn Shop Chronicles12/08/132013United States112
Blu-ray Never Let Me Go07/23/122010United States104
Blu-ray Side Effects06/15/132013United States106
Blu-ray House of Flying Daggers02/20/152004United States119
Blu-ray When the Game Stands Tall05/07/152014United States115
Blu-ray Paycheck06/26/092003United States119
DVD Inside Men10/09/132012United Kingdom235
Blu-ray Simon and the Oaks01/04/162011Sweden122
Blu-ray American History X04/11/091998United States119
Blu-ray Being Human: Season One08/05/122008United States343
Blu-ray The Musketeers: The Complete Series 306/03/172016United States580
Blu-ray The Reunion01/05/162011United States96
Blu-ray Sons of Anarchy: Season Five08/29/132012United States895
Blu-ray A Walk Among the Tombstones01/08/162014United States114
Blu-ray Cold Mountain02/03/122003United States154
Blu-ray 2112/03/112008United States123
DVD Suspects: Series One & Two03/29/172014United States416
Blu-ray American Translation11/13/152011France114
Blu-ray We Are Your Friends01/15/162015United Kingdom96
DVD Republic of Doyle: The Complete Second Season03/29/132011United States585
DVD MI-5: Volume 204/17/092003United States600
Blu-ray Sherlock: Season Two07/04/122012United States265
Blu-ray A Few Best Men09/17/162011Australia97
Blu-ray Behind Enemy Lines03/31/082001United States106
DVD Noel12/08/132004United States97
Blu-ray Beyond the Reach01/08/162014United States92
Blu-ray Taxi Driver04/06/111976United States114
Blu-ray A Clockwork Orange06/04/091971United States137
Blu-ray Sunshine on Leith03/13/142013United Kingdom100
Blu-ray Streisand: Live in Concert 200607/16/092007United States139
Blu-ray The Rock02/16/081996United States137
Blu-ray The Pirates01/21/152014United States130
Blu-ray Vikings: The Complete Third Season11/27/152015United States456
Blu-ray Arrow: The Complete First Season11/01/132012United States973
Blu-ray Firewall01/09/132006United States105
Blu-ray Firefly: The Complete Series11/12/082002United States652
DVD Friday Night Lights: The Fifth and Final Season06/16/122010United States562
Blu-ray The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift11/09/102006United States105
Blu-ray Lean on Pete07/11/180United States0
Blu-ray London Boulevard04/13/122011United States103
Blu-ray War of the Worlds06/02/102005United States117
Blu-ray Christmas at Downton Abbey12/08/132011United Kingdom93
Blu-ray The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo07/28/102009United States152
Blu-ray War Horse05/28/122011United States146
Blu-ray Lejos del cielo02/20/152002Spain104
Blu-ray Supernatural: The Complete First Season06/23/102005United States936
Blu-ray Kon-Tiki10/17/132012United States119
Blu-ray Black Swan03/31/112010United States108
Blu-ray Silent Hill: Revelation 3D01/01/142012United States95
Blu-ray Frailty02/02/152001United States100
Blu-ray Black Hawk Down02/16/082001United States144
Blu-ray Deliver Us From Evil04/18/162014United States118
Blu-ray Road to Perdition08/19/102002United States117
DVD Good Cop10/10/132012United Kingdom234
Blu-ray Arne Dahl; Första säsongen12/28/152011Sweden900
Blu-ray Final Destination04/11/092000United States98
Blu-ray District B1302/16/082004United States85
Blu-ray Forbidden Planet07/11/121956United States99
Blu-ray Banshee: The Complete Fourth Season10/04/162016United States413
Blu-ray The Limehouse Golem11/15/172017United States109
Blu-ray Paranoia01/02/142013United States106
DVD Far From Heaven03/03/092002United States107
Blu-ray Shakespeare in Love02/03/121998United States124
Blu-ray The Fall: Series 103/08/172013United States306
Blu-ray Luther: Staffel 102/05/162009Germany350
Blu-ray Legend01/30/162015United Kingdom131
DVD Republic of Doyle: The Complete Third Season03/29/132012United States585
DVD MI-5: Volume 306/23/102004United States589
DVD The Power of One09/01/171992United States127
Blu-ray Shameless: The Complete First Season12/26/112011United States595
DVD Outrageous Fortune: Series One04/06/162005New Zealand565
Blu-ray Speed03/31/081994United States116
DVD Roar: The Complete Series04/03/081997United States583
Blu-ray Slow West07/08/152015United States84
Blu-ray Legion12/22/102010United States100
Blu-ray Constantine06/26/092005United States121
Blu-ray The Dressmaker06/13/162015United Kingdom118
Blu-ray Celtic Thunder: It's Entertainment!12/30/102010United States57
Blu-ray Déjà Vu02/16/082006United States126
Blu-ray Reign of Fire02/16/082002United States102
Blu-ray Brotherhood of Blades09/11/152014United States112
Blu-ray Spectre02/09/162015United States148
Blu-ray Sleepy Hollow01/16/141999United States105
Blu-ray X-Men09/23/102000United States104
Blu-ray The Crazies08/04/102010United States101
Blu-ray The Boondock Saints02/13/091999United States108
Blu-ray Jane Eyre08/07/142011United States121
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Lean on Pete

Year of production: 0
Running time: 0 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 07/11/18
(Release date: )
The Equalizer
Year of production: 2014
Running time: 132 Minutes
Bought at Best Buy Online
on 07/11/18
(Release date: 07/10/18)
Phantom Thread

Year of production: 2017
Running time: 130 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 07/11/18
(Release date: 05/08/18)
The Hurricane Heist
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2018
Running time: 103 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 07/10/18
(Release date: 06/05/18)
A Quiet Place
Year of production: 2018
Running time: 95 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 07/10/18
(Release date: 07/10/18)
The Snowman

Year of production: 2017
Running time: 125 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 07/04/18
(Release date: 01/16/18)
Endeavour: Complete Series Five

Year of production: 2018
Running time: 533 Minutes
Bought on 07/04/18
(Release date: 03/12/18)
Victoria: The Complete Second Season

Year of production: 2017
Running time: 480 Minutes
Bought on 07/04/18
(Release date: 01/30/18)
Endeavour: The Complete Fifth Season

Year of production: 2018
Running time: 540 Minutes
Bought on 07/04/18
(Release date: 07/10/18)
Tomb Raider
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2018
Running time: 118 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 07/04/18
(Release date: 06/12/18)
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