Movie titleEditionDate of purchaseYearCountryLength
Blu-ray A Few Best Men09/17/162011Australia97
Blu-ray Canopy01/12/152014Australia80
DVD House Husbands: Season One03/09/172012Australia425
DVD Kingdom: Season Two, Part B01/21/172016Australia493
DVD The War Boys04/08/162009Australia92
DVD Outrageous Fortune: Series Two02/29/162006Australia843
Blu-ray The Black Balloon11/21/132007Australia97
Blu-ray Hostel: Part III06/07/162011Australia88
Blu-ray Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows09/21/162016Australia112
DVD Teen Wolf: Season 5, Part 207/28/162015Australia417
Blu-ray La Vie en Rose01/21/172007Australia134
Blu-ray Blood For Dracula11/30/171974Australia103
Blu-ray Goldstone12/02/162016Australia110
Blu-ray Little Accidents01/04/162014Australia100
Blu-ray Brahms: The Complete Symphonies12/02/142013Austria208
Blu-ray The Pianist01/14/122002Canada148
DVD Celtic Thunder Christmas01/06/112010Canada60
DVD Stone of Destiny09/08/122008Canada96
DVD Celtic Thunder: Voyage05/14/132012Canada0
Blu-ray Brick12/22/122005Canada110
Blu-ray Heartless01/16/142009Canada114
Blu-ray The Faculty12/08/091998Canada104
Blu-ray IMAX - Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D11/15/122010Canada45
Blu-ray The Tudors: The Complete Fourth Season09/14/112010Canada645
DVD X Company: The Complete Second Season01/21/172015Canada450
Blu-ray Gosford Park05/18/132001Canada137
Blu-ray The Crossing08/17/152014China128
Blu-ray Romeo & Juliet10/07/171968Denmark138
Blu-ray La Piscine09/14/161968France122
DVD A Summer's Tale07/12/141996France109
Blu-ray Borgia: Intégrale Saison 204/30/142012France624
Blu-ray Borgia: Saison 311/13/142014France728
Blu-ray American Translation11/13/152011France114
Blu-ray Tom at the Farm08/23/142013France103
Blu-ray Le Pacte des loups07/25/152001France150
Blu-ray A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints07/15/152006France100
Blu-ray Borgia: Saison 104/30/142011France622
Blu-ray Plein soleil09/23/161960France118
Blu-ray Frank Herbert's Dune: Der Wüstenplanet07/19/152000Germany291
Blu-ray Luther: Staffel 102/05/162009Germany350
DVD Hallesche Kometen08/14/152003Germany83
Blu-ray Severance: Ein blutiger BetriebsausflugSpecial Edition12/20/132006Germany96
Blu-ray Peaky Blinders - Series 1 & 201/23/162014Germany698
Blu-ray A Warrior's HeartLiebe gewinnt12/27/162011Germany95
Blu-ray Deutschland 8312/21/152015Germany370
Blu-ray Auslandseinsatz07/04/142012Germany88
Blu-ray Borgia: Die komplette 2. StaffelDirector's Cut05/15/142012Germany654
Blu-ray Match Point08/29/132005Germany124
Blu-ray Children of DuneDie komplette Saga!07/25/152003Germany262
Blu-ray The Boy07/15/162016Germany97
Blu-ray Freier Fall02/03/132013Germany101
Across the Universe4K Ultra HD04/14/182007Germany133
Blu-ray This Is England02/07/142006Germany102
Blu-ray The Canal05/03/162014Germany93
Blu-ray Little Ashes02/12/152008Germany112
Blu-ray Borgia: Die komplette 1. StaffelDirector's Cut05/15/142011Germany691
Blu-ray The Four Feathers07/29/152002Germany132
Blu-ray Lang Lang: Live in Vienna 3DBlu-ray 3D Edition11/29/122010Germany125
DVD Auf das Leben!01/21/172014Germany87
Blu-ray In Secret - Geheime Leidenschaft01/23/172014Germany107
DVD Bernstein: Ode to Joy11/17/142006Germany94
DVD Amnesia12/08/162015Germany95
Blu-ray Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal05/20/162015Hong Kong118
Blu-ray Overheard 312/04/142014Hong Kong131
Blu-ray The Monkey King04/23/162014Hong Kong119
Blu-ray The Taste of Money03/13/142012Hong Kong115
Blu-ray The White Storm03/26/152013Hong Kong135
Blu-ray Chicago05/04/152002Japan113
Blu-ray Nature 3D11/08/142014Japan87
Blu-ray Underworld: Blood Wars3D + 2D05/08/172016Japan91
Blu-ray I, Frankenstein02/10/152014Japan92
Blu-ray The White Storm03/26/152013Japan135
Blu-ray Transcendence12/24/142014Japan119
Blu-ray The Berlin FileLimited Edition09/23/132013Korea120
Blu-ray Nameless Gangster07/29/132012Korea195
DVD Occupation09/28/132008Netherlands177
Blu-ray Leonard Cohen: Live at the Isle of Wight 197005/21/102009Netherlands64
Blu-ray Eden LakeLimited Edition08/10/152008Netherlands91
Blu-ray Hooligans06/26/132005Netherlands109
DVD Outrageous Fortune: Series Three04/06/162007New Zealand843
DVD Outrageous Fortune: Series One04/06/162005New Zealand565
Blu-ray The Wave12/14/152015Norway105
Blu-ray Victoria08/23/132012Norway102
Blu-ray United01/09/142011Norway95
Blu-ray Miasto 4412/17/162014Poland127
Blu-ray Lejos del cielo02/20/152002Spain104
Blu-ray Timeline12/22/132003Spain115
Blu-ray Arne Dahl; Första säsongen12/28/152011Sweden900
Blu-ray Simon and the Oaks01/04/162011Sweden122
Blu-ray Führerns Elit12/05/142004Sweden115
DVD Tausend Ozeane12/22/142008Switzerland80
DVD Bedlam: Series Two09/12/162012United Kingdom253
Blu-ray The Hole3D12/03/122009United Kingdom92
Blu-ray Downton Abbey: Series Two12/01/112011United Kingdom470
Blu-ray Clubbed2-Disc Special Edition04/09/142008United Kingdom95
DVD The Shadow Line3 Discs10/09/132011United Kingdom399
Blu-ray The Returned: Series Two04/06/162015United Kingdom453
Blu-ray '7103/14/152014United Kingdom99
Blu-ray Hemlock Grove: The Complete First Season05/02/142013United Kingdom639
Blu-ray ZodiacDirector's Cut01/09/132007United Kingdom163
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The 10 latest DVDs

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The Post
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2017
Running time: 116 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 06/13/18
(Release date: 04/17/18)
Love, Simon
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2018
Running time: 109 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 06/13/18
(Release date: 06/12/18)
Buster's Mal Heart

Year of production: 2017
Running time: 96 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 06/13/18
(Release date: 07/18/17)
Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2011
Running time: 561 Minutes
Bought at Best Buy Online
on 06/07/18
(Release date: 06/05/18)
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2018
Running time: 115 Minutes
Bought at Best Buy Online
on 05/28/18
(Release date: 05/29/18)
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2017
Running time: 119 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 05/24/18
(Release date: 03/20/18)
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2014
Running time: 135 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 05/24/18
(Release date: 05/22/18)
The Patriot
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2000
Running time: 165 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 05/24/18
(Release date: 05/22/18)
Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

Year of production: 2017
Running time: 106 Minutes
Bought at Amazon UK
on 05/24/18
(Release date: 03/19/18)
The Matrix
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 1999
Running time: 136 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 05/24/18
(Release date: 05/22/18)
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