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Snowpiercer (2013)

Cover images
HD Slim
1.85 : 1
Digital Audio
Digital Audio
Overview: After a failed global warming experiment, a post-apocalyptic Ice Age has killed off nearly all life on the planet. All that remains of humanity are the lucky few survivors that boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe, powered by a sacred perpetual-motion engine. A class system has evolved aboard the train, fiercely dividing its population–but a revolution is brewing. The lower class passengers in the tail section stage an uprising, moving car-by-car up toward the front of the train, where the train's creator and absolute authority resides in splendor. But unexpected circumstances lie in wait for humanity's tenacious survivors...

Visionary director Bong Joon Ho's "enormously ambitious and visually stunning," (Scott Foundas, Variety) film has been widely praised as "a superb masterpiece of science fiction" (MTV). Starring Chris Evans, Song Kang Ho, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, Ewen Bremner, John Hurt and Ed Harris.
Year of production: 2013
Country: United States
Country of origin: South Korea France United States 
Regions: A
Running time: 2:06 hrs (126 minutes)
Rating: R (Film)
Rating details: Violence, Language and Drug Content
ID: 013132622637
UPC: 013132-622637
Date of profile: 08/16/17
Last edit: 08/17/17
Release: 10/21/14
Case type: HD Slim (Slipcover)
Media companies: Anchor Bay Home Entertainment
State: Owned
Collection number: 1450
Purchased: 10/22/14 at Amazon US 
SRP: 29.99 USD 
Movie: 0
DVD: 0
External reviews:
Content Channels Format
English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
Commentary 2-Channel Stereo Dolby Digital
English  English
Spanish  Spanish
Video informationen
Aspect ratio
1.85 : 1
Color 1 Color
0 Black & White
0 Colorized
0 Mixed
Dimensions 1 2D
0 3D Anaglyph
0 Blu-ray 3D
1 Scene access
0 Feature trailers
0 Bonus trailers
0 Deleted scenes
0 Production notes
0 DVD-ROM content
0 Music videos
0 Storyboard comparisons
0 Closed captioned
0 Picture-in-Picture
1 Commentary
1 Photo gallery
1 Featurettes
0 Interactive games
0 Multi-angle
1 Interviews
0 Outtakes/Bloopers
0 THX certified
0 BD-Live
0 Digital copy
Additional information
CJ Entertainment
Opus Pictures
Media info
Dual layered
Description Side A: Main Feature
DiscID Side A: B7023D379A7903B2
Single layered
Description Side A: Special Features
DiscID Side A: 79DE83A8CCA12B40
Actor Role
Chris EvansCurtis
Song Kang HoNamgoong Minsoo
Ed HarrisWilford
John HurtGilliam
Tilda SwintonMason
Jamie BellEdgar
Octavia SpencerTanya
Ewen BremnerAndrew
Ko AsungYona
Alison PillTeacher
Luke PasqualinoGrey
Vlad IvanovFranco the Elder
Adnan HaskovicFranco the Younger
Emma LevieClaude
Stephen ParkFuyu
Clark MiddletonPainter
Marcanthonee Jon ReisTim
Paul LazarPaul
Tómas LemarquisEgg-Head
Kenny DoughtyNews Reporter
Robert RussellGerald
Magdaléna WeigertováDoris
Jim HighSoldier 1
Peter HallinSoldier 2
Haruna HoncoopovaFemale Officer
Ana BraunYlfa
Griffin SeymourBoy
Tyler WilliamsYoung Wilford
Luna Sophia Bar-CohenMagdalena
Sean RenwickSergio
Karel VeselýAndy
Park SungtaekChan
Brian FoleySoldier A
Kendrick OngSoldier B
Seisuke TsukaharaOld Man
Tomás DianiškaDark Voice (voice)
Miroslav NavrátilGiant
Huh ChanPlant Tender 1
Lucie BurianováPlant Tender 2
Voice Actors
Dana Green (voice)
Jonny Loquasto (voice)
Parry Shen (voice)
Joseph Bertot (voice)
Eunkyung SongKorean Translator Voice (voice)
Bong Joon Ho Director
Jacques Lob Original material by
Benjamin Legrand Original material by
Jean-Marc Rochette Original material by
Bong Joon Ho Story By
Bong Joon Ho Screenwriter
Kelly Masterson Screenwriter
Miky Lee Executive producer
Jeong Tae-sung Producer
Steven Nam Producer
Park Chan-Wook Producer
Lee Tae Hun Producer
Hong Kyung Pyo Kinematograph
Film Editing
Steve M. Choe Film editor
Changju Kim Film editor
Marco Beltrami Composer
Taeyoung Choi Supervising sound editor
Dave Whitehead Sound Designer
Mark Holding Production Sound Mixer
Taeyoung Choi Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Anna Behlmer Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Terry Porter Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Tim Nielsen Sound Designer
Sung Rok Choi Sound Designer
Hyeyoung Kang Sound Designer
Jeremy Woodhead Make-up Artist
Catherine George Costume Designer
Ondrej Nekvasil Production Designer
Eric Durst Visual Effects
Pavel Ságner Visual Effects
Štefan Kovácik Art Director
Hana Kucerová Costume Designer
Paula Price Make-up Artist
Seo Young Kim Make-up Artist
Gabriela Poláková Make-up Artist
Linda Eisenhammerová Make-up Artist
Visual Effects by Scanline VFX
Michael Mielke Visual Effects
Ivo Klaus Visual Effects
Roland Langschwert Visual Effects
Visual Effects by Method Studios Vancouver
Mark Breakspear Visual Effects
Visual Effects by Method Studios London
Uel Hormann Visual Effects
Visual Effects by Upp
Viktor Müller Visual Effects
Visual Effects by 4th Creative Party
Lee Jeon Hyoung Visual Effects
Ryu Jae Hwan Visual Effects
Kim Kee Won Visual Effects
Sung Hyung Ju Visual Effects
Date Event Name Note
02/15/15 - 04:25:19 Watched Ray 
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