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Blu-ray Blindspotting11/22/18
Blu-ray Jack Reacher4K Ultra HD11/22/18
Blu-ray Jack Reacher: Never Go Back4K Ultra HD11/22/18
Blu-ray Skyscraper4K Ultra HD11/22/18
Blu-ray Sherlock: Season One4K Ultra HD11/13/18
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Blu-ray The Matrix Revolutions4K Ultra HD11/03/18
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Blu-ray Gomorrah: The Complete Season One10/25/18
Blu-ray Gomorrah: The Complete Season Two10/25/18
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Blu-ray Gomorrah: The Complete Season Three10/25/18
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Blu-ray M:I-1: Mission: Impossible4K Ultra HD06/30/18
Blu-ray M:I-2: Mission: Impossible 24K Ultra HD06/29/18
Blu-ray M:I-3: Mission: Impossible 34K Ultra HD06/28/18
Blu-ray M:I-4: Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol4K Ultra HD06/27/18
Blu-ray M:I-5: Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation4K Ultra HD06/26/18
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Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Cover images
HD Slim
1.78 : 1
Digital Audio
Overview: "Scarlett Johansson is terrific"* in the visually stunning Ghost in the Shell, an action-packed adventure set in a future world where people are enhanced with technology. Believing she was rescued from near death, Major (Johansson) becomes the first of her kind: a human mind inside an artificial body designed to fight the war against cyber crime. While investigating a dangerous criminal, Major makes a shocking discover – the corporation that created her lied about her past life in order to control her. Unsure what to believe, Major will stop at nothing to unravel the mystery of her true identity and exact revenge against the corporation she was built to serve. Packed with "heart pounding excitement,"** it's the movie critics are calling "a classic in the making."***

*TIME, Stephanie Zacharek **DEADLINE, Pete Hammond ***NERDIST, Dan Casey
Year of production: 2017
Country: United States
Country of origin: United States India China 
Regions: 0
Running time: 1:47 hrs (107 minutes)
Rating: PG-13 (Film)
Rating details: Intense Sequences of Sci-Fi Violence, Suggestive Content and Some Disturbing Images
Edition: 4K Ultra HD
ID: 032429271969
UPC: 032429-271969
Date of profile: 07/20/18
Last edit: 07/21/18
Release: 07/25/17
Case type: HD Slim (Slipcover)
Media companies: Paramount
State: 4K
Collection number: 169
Purchased: 07/25/17 at Target 
SRP: 48.99 USD 
Tags: 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Atmos, HDR, UHD 4K
Movie: 0
DVD: 0
External reviews:
Content Channels Format
English 3D Dolby Atmos
French 5.1 Dolby Digital
Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital
Portuguese 5.1 Dolby Digital
Audio descriptive 5.1 Dolby Digital
English  English
French  French
Portuguese  Portuguese
Spanish  Spanish
Video informationen
Aspect ratio
1.78 : 1
Color 1 Color
0 Black & White
0 Colorized
0 Mixed
Dimensions 1 2D
0 3D Anaglyph
0 Blu-ray 3D
1 Scene access
0 Feature trailers
0 Bonus trailers
0 Deleted scenes
0 Production notes
0 DVD-ROM content
0 Music videos
0 Storyboard comparisons
0 Closed captioned
0 Picture-in-Picture
0 Commentary
0 Photo gallery
1 Featurettes
0 Interactive games
0 Multi-angle
0 Interviews
0 Outtakes/Bloopers
0 THX certified
0 BD-Live
1 Digital copy
Additional information
Paramount Pictures
DreamWorks Pictures
Reliance Entertainment
Media info
Dual layered
Description Side A: Main Feature (4K)
DiscID Side A: 500ED3261338BA48
Dual layered
Description Side A: Main Feature (Blu-ray)
Label Side A: Ghost_in_the_Shell
DiscID Side A: E5C402EB8DE44694
Actor Role
Scarlett JohanssonMajor
Pilou AsbækBatou
"Beat" Takeshi KitanoAramaki
Juliette BinocheDr. Ouelet
Michael Carmen PittKuze
Chin HanTogusa
Danusia SamalLadriya
Lasarus RatuereIshikawa
Yutaka IzumiharaSaito
Tawanda ManyimoBorma
Peter FerdinandoCutter
Anamaria MarincaDr. Dahlin
Daniel HenshallSkinny Man
Mana DavisBearded Man
Erroll AndersonHanka Security Agent
Kai Fung RieckDiamond Face
Andrew StehlinNo Pupils
Matthias LuafutuThick Built Yakuza
John LuafutuBarkeep
Kaori MomoiHairi
Kaori YamamotoMotoko
Andrew MorrisHideo
Adwoa AboahLia
Chris ObiAmbassador
Rila FukushimaRed Robed Geisha
Makoto MurataYakuza Gunman
Natarsha OrsmanOuelet's Assistant
Joe NaufahuPolice Commander Johns
Vinnie BennettRookie Cop
Pete TeoTony
Section Six Soldiers
Xavier Horan
Allan Henry
Bowie Chan Wing WaiYakuza
Kirt KishitaStreet Hustler
David Johnson WoodSection Six Leader
Kate Venables
Emma Coppersmith
Tanya Drewery
Hannah Tasker-Poland
Jacqueline Geurts
Shinji IkefujiKinsana
Rupert Sanders Director
Shirow Masamune Original material by
Jamie Moss Screenwriter
William Wheeler Screenwriter
Ehren Kruger Screenwriter
Jeffrey Silver Executive producer
Tetsu Fujimura Executive producer
Yoshinobu Noma Executive producer
Mitsuhisa Ishikawa Executive producer
Avi Arad Producer
Ari Arad Producer
Steven Paul Producer
Michael Costigan Producer
Jess Hall Director of photography
Film Editing
Neil Smith Film editor
Billy Rich Film editor
Clint Mansell Composer
Lorne Balfe Composer
Tony Johnson Production Sound Mixer
Karen Baker Landers Supervising sound editor
Per Hallberg Supervising sound editor
Andy Nelson Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Mark Paterson Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Beau Borders Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Peter Staubli Sound Designer
Odin Benitez Sound Designer
Jon Title Sound Designer
Martyn Zub Sound Designer
Charlie Campagna Sound Designer
Tom Lalley Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Brian Bair Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Kurt and Bart Costume Designer
Guillaume Rocheron Visual Effects
John Dykstra Visual Effects
Jan Roelfs Production Designer
Richard L. Johnson Art Director
Steve Ingram Visual Effects
Yves De Bono Visual Effects
Jenny Rushton Costume Designer
Jane O'Kane Make-up Artist
Sarah Rubano Make-up Effects
Deborah La Mia Denaver Make-up Artist
Stefan Knight Make-up Artist
Elka Wardega Make-up Effects
Katherine Brown Make-up Effects
Claire Wollburg Make-up Artist
Matt Austin Art Director
Simon Bright Art Director
Miro Harre Art Director
Andy McLaren Art Director
Specialty Makeup, Specialty Costume, Specialty Props & Miniatures by Weta Workshop
Richard Taylor Visual Effects
Jason Docherty Make-up Effects
Kim Docherty Make-up Effects
Nori Honda Make-up Effects
Michael Wallace Make-up Effects
Simon Rose Make-up Effects
Visual Effects by MPC
Axel Bonami Visual Effects
Arundi Asregadoo Visual Effects
Visual Effects by Method Studios
Greg Steele Visual Effects
Jason Billington Visual Effects
Visual Effects by Technicolor VFX
Doug Spilatro Visual Effects
Visual Effects by Framestore
Ivan Moran Visual Effects
Visual Effects by lola|VFX
Edson Williams Visual Effects
Date Event Name Note
08/27/17 - 07:22:43 Watched Ray 
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