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The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

Cover images
1.85 : 1
Digital Audio
Overview: Four years since the disaster at Jurassic Park, two groups are in a race against time that will determine the fate of the remote island's prehistoric inhabitants.
Year of production: 1997
Country: United States
Country of origin: United States 
Regions: 0
Running time: 2:09 hrs (129 minutes)
Rating: PG-13 (Film)
Rating details: Intense Sci-Fi Terror and Violence
Edition: 4K Ultra HD
ID: IC84C8E6C18C34D9A
UPC: Disc ID: C84C-8E6C-18C3-4D9A
Date of profile: 06/06/18
Last edit: 12/28/19
Release: 05/22/18
Case type: Digibook (Slipcover)
Media companies: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
State: 4K
Collection number: 2196
Purchased: 12/22/19 at Amazon US 
Tags: 4K Ultra HD, DTS X, HDR, UHD 4K, WCG
Movie: 0
DVD: 0
External reviews:
Content Channels Format
English 3D DTS-X
French 5.1 DTS
Spanish 5.1 DTS
English  English
French  French
Spanish  Spanish
Video informationen
Video format NTSC
Aspect ratio
1.85 : 1
Color 1 Color
0 Black & White
0 Colorized
0 Mixed
Dimensions 1 2D
0 3D Anaglyph
0 Blu-ray 3D
0 Scene access
0 Feature trailers
0 Bonus trailers
0 Deleted scenes
0 Production notes
0 DVD-ROM content
0 Music videos
0 Storyboard comparisons
0 Closed captioned
0 Commentary
0 Photo gallery
0 Featurettes
0 Interactive games
0 Multi-angle
0 Interviews
0 Outtakes/Bloopers
0 THX certified
0 Digital copy
Additional information
Universal Pictures
Amblin Entertainment
Media info
Dual layered
Description Side A: Main Feature
DiscID Side A: C84C8E6C18C34D9A
Actor Role
Jeff GoldblumIan Malcolm
Julianne MooreSarah Harding
Pete PostlethwaiteRoland Tembo
Arliss HowardPeter Ludlow
Richard AttenboroughJohn Hammond
Vince VaughnNick Van Owen
Vanessa Lee ChesterKelly Curtis
Peter StormareDieter Stark
Harvey JasonAjay Sidhu
Richard SchiffEddie Carr
Thomas F. DuffyDr. Robert Burke
Joseph MazzelloTim
Ariana RichardsLex
Thomas RosalesCarter
Camilla BelleCathy Bowman
Cyd StrittmatterMrs. Bowman
Robin SachsMr. Bowman
Ross PartridgeCurious Man
Ian AbercrombieButler
David SawyerWorkman
Geno SilvaBarge Captain
Alex MirandaBarge Captain's Son
Robert "Bobby Z" ZajoncInGen Helicopter Pilot
Cargo Helicopter Pilots
Bob Boehm
Bradley Jensen
Alan Purwin
Ben Skorstad
Rick Wheeler
Kenyon Williams
InGen Workers
Gordon Michaels
J. Scott Shonka
Harry Hutchinson
Bill Brown
Brian Turk
Jim HarleyHarbor Master
Colton JamesBenjamin
Carey EidelBenjamin's Dad
Katy BoyerBenjamin's Mom
David KoeppUnlucky Bastard
Eugene Bass, Jr.Attorney
Bari BucknerScreaming Woman
P. B. Hutton
David St. James
Mark Brady
Marjean Holden
Jaqueline Schultz
Domini Hofmann de Salgado
Thomas Stuart
Ransom WalrodShip Driver
David Gene GibbsPolice Helicopter Pilot
Asian Tourists
Michael N. Fujimoto
Paul Fujimoto
Darryl A. Imai
Darryl Oumi
Vincent Dee MilesScreaming Hunter
Bernard ShawCNN Reporter/Himself
Lloyd Ball
Bill Basso
Emery Brown
John Calpin
Jim Charmatz
David Covarrubias
Chris Cowan
Barry Crane
Richard Davison
Jon Dawe
Glenn Derry
Jeff Edwards
Greg Figiel
Dave Grasso
Beth Hathaway
Rich Haugen
Matt Heimilich
Marc Irvin
Lynette Johnson
Mark Jurinko
Richard Landon
Lindsay MacGowan
Shane Mahan
Mark Maitre
Bob Mano
Keith Marbory
Nick Marra
Karen Mason
Jason Matthews
Tom McCray
Mark "Crash" McCreery
Kevin McTurk
Paul Mejias
David Monzingo
Brian Namanny
Tim Nordella
Michael A. Ornelaz
Joey Orosco
Eric Ostroff
Joe Reader
John Rosengrant
Alan Scott
Kirk Skodis
Alfred Sousa
Scott Stoddard
Chris Swift
Steven Spielberg Director
David Koepp Screenwriter
Michael Crichton Original material by
Gerald R. Molen Producer
Colin Wilson Producer
Kathleen Kennedy Executive producer
Janusz Kaminski Director of photography
Film Editing
Michael Kahn Film editor
John Williams Composer
Gary Rydstrom Sound Designer
Richard Hymns Supervising sound editor
Ron Judkins Production Sound Mixer
Robert Jackson Production Sound Mixer
Gary Summers Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Gary Rydstrom Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Shawn Murphy Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Ronald G. Roumas Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Al Nelson Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Scott Levy Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Rick Carter Production Designer
Dennis Muren Creature Design
Stan Winston Creature Design
Michael Lantieri Visual Effects
Jim Teegarden Art Director
Sue Moore Costume Designer
Lauren Polizzi Art Director
Paul Sonski Art Director
Christina Smith Make-up Artist
Cynthia Barr-Bright Make-up Artist
Matthew Mungle Make-up Artist
Gina Rylander Make-up Artist
Special Effects
Ron Ciesielski Visual Effects
Cory Faucher Visual Effects
Louie Lantieri Visual Effects
Matthew McDonnell Visual Effects
Dan Ossello Visual Effects
John Ossello Visual Effects
Robin Reilly Visual Effects
Brian Tipton Visual Effects
Tom Tokunaga Visual Effects
Live Action Dinosaurs Designed and Created at Stan Winston Studio
John Rosengrant Visual Effects
Shane Mahan Visual Effects
J. Alan Scott Visual Effects
Mark "Crash" McCreery Visual Effects
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