Movie titleEditionDate of purchase
Blu-ray The Expanse: Season Three09/06/18
Blu-ray The Endless07/28/18
Blu-ray The Equalizer4K Ultra HD07/11/18
Blu-ray Endeavour: The Complete Fifth Season07/04/18
Blu-ray The Expanse: Season Two09/16/17
Blu-ray Endeavour: The Complete Fourth Season09/15/17
Blu-ray Endeavour: Series 2Full UK-Length Edition09/15/17
Blu-ray Endeavour: The Complete Third SeasonFull UK-Length Edition09/15/17
Blu-ray Endeavour: Series 1Full UK-Length Edition09/11/17
Blu-ray The Exception08/12/17
Blu-ray Ex Machina4K Ultra HD06/06/17
Blu-ray The Expanse: Season One02/22/17
Blu-ray Everest4K Ultra HD09/24/16
DVD Everwood: The Complete First Season08/06/16
Blu-ray Everybody Wants Some!!07/15/16
Blu-ray The Expendables 34K Ultra HD03/02/16
Blu-ray Exodus: Gods and Kings4K Ultra HD02/14/16
Blu-ray Enchanted Kingdom 3D11/11/15
Blu-ray Eden LakeLimited Edition08/10/15
Blu-ray Exodus: Gods and KingsDeluxe Edition03/17/15
Blu-ray The Equalizer01/03/15
Blu-ray Edge of Tomorrow10/10/14
Blu-ray Enemy06/26/14
DVD Elizabeth I - The Virgin Queen05/29/14
Blu-ray Easy Money: Life Deluxe05/23/14
Blu-ray Easy Money: Hard to Kill03/24/14
Blu-ray Easy Money02/18/14
Blu-ray Eden Lake02/18/14
Blu-ray Elysium12/20/13
Blu-ray Empire State10/31/13
Blu-ray Eragon07/14/13
Blu-ray End of Watch01/22/13
Blu-ray Executive DecisionBlu-ray Edition01/02/13
Blu-ray Evita15th Anniversary Edition07/04/12
Blu-ray Enemy at the Gates01/11/12
Blu-ray Eight Below12/03/11
Blu-ray The Eagle06/17/11
Blu-ray Eminem: Live From New York City10/01/10
Blu-ray The Evil DeadLimited Edition09/02/10
Blu-ray The Edge05/28/10
Blu-ray Eyes Wide Shut05/13/10
DVD The Escapist05/07/10
DVD The Escapist05/04/10
Blu-ray Elizabeth04/27/10
Blu-ray Elizabeth: The Golden Age04/27/10
DVD East/West03/03/09
DVD Eagles: Hell Freezes OverDTS03/03/09
Blu-ray Eagle Eye12/28/08
Blu-ray Enemy of the State02/16/08
Blu-ray Enter the Dragon02/16/08
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The 10 latest DVDs

Cover Movie information Purchase information
Sicario: Day of the Soldado
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2018
Running time: 122 Minutes
Bought at Ebay
on 10/11/18
(Release date: 10/02/18)
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2016
Running time: 121 Minutes
Bought at Amazon Germany
on 10/10/18
(Release date: 09/28/18)
Queen of the Desert

Year of production: 2015
Running time: 128 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 10/10/18
(Release date: 09/26/17)
3-Film Collection
Year of production: 2000
Running time: 341 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 10/07/18
(Release date: 09/25/18)
The Fast and the Furious
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2001
Running time: 106 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 10/07/18
(Release date: 10/02/18)
2 Fast 2 Furious
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2003
Running time: 107 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 10/07/18
(Release date: 10/02/18)
Preacher: Season Two

Year of production: 2017
Running time: 578 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 10/06/18
(Release date: 11/14/17)
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2015
Running time: 133 Minutes
Bought on 10/06/18
(Release date: 06/07/16)
Preacher: Season One

Year of production: 2016
Running time: 471 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 10/02/18
(Release date: 10/04/16)
The Quick and the Dead
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 1995
Running time: 105 Minutes
Bought at Ebay
on 10/01/18
(Release date: 07/17/18)
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