Movie titleEditionDate of purchaseYearCountryLength
Blu-ray A Royal Night Out12/19/172015United Kingdom97
Blu-ray Romeo & Juliet10/07/171968Denmark138
Blu-ray Rise of the Planet of the Apes4K Ultra HD06/22/172011United States105
Blu-ray Resident Evil: The Final Chapter4K Ultra HD05/30/172016United States106
Blu-ray Racing Hearts03/09/172014United States98
Blu-ray Rocky Mountain Express4K Ultra HD09/03/162011United States45
Blu-ray The Revenant04/19/162015United States156
Blu-ray The Revenant4K Ultra HD04/19/162015United States156
Blu-ray The Returned: Series Two04/06/162015United Kingdom453
Blu-ray The Reunion01/16/162011United States96
Blu-ray The Reunion01/05/162011United States96
Blu-ray Run All Night12/31/152015United States114
Blu-ray A Room With a ViewThe Criterion Collection11/16/151985United States117
Blu-ray Rudy07/29/151993United States114
DVD Republic of Doyle: The Complete Sixth Season04/27/152015United States450
Blu-ray The Raid 203/30/152014United States150
Blu-ray The Riot Club02/13/152014United Kingdom103
DVD RabiesUnrated02/10/152010United States94
Blu-ray Rust and Bone02/02/152012United States122
Blu-ray The Replacements01/31/152000United States118
Blu-ray Reasonable Doubt10/30/142013United States90
DVD Republic of Doyle: The Complete Fifth Season10/08/142014United States720
Blu-ray The Rover09/25/142014United States103
Blu-ray Rob the Mob07/02/142014United States104
Blu-ray The Returned: The Complete First Season04/04/142012United States440
Blu-ray The Raid: RedemptionUnrated Edition03/27/142011United States101
Blu-ray Romeo + Juliet02/07/142013United States119
Blu-ray Rush01/28/142013United States123
Blu-ray RiddickUnrated Director's Cut01/22/142013United States119
Blu-ray Rudo y Cursi01/06/142008United States102
DVD Revenge: The Complete First Season12/16/132011United States924
DVD Revenge: The Complete Second Season12/16/132012United States946
DVD Ripley's Game12/13/132002United States110
Blu-ray The Rise11/18/132012United Kingdom109
DVD Republic of Doyle: The Complete Fourth Season11/17/132013United States585
Blu-ray Red Cliff - Part I09/18/132008United States145
Blu-ray Red Cliff - Part IIOriginal International Version09/18/132009United States142
Blu-ray Running Scared06/13/132006United States122
Blu-ray Repo ManThe Criterion Collection06/05/131984United States92
Blu-ray Resident Evil: Retribution04/24/132012United States96
DVD Republic of Doyle: The Complete Second Season03/29/132011United States585
DVD Republic of Doyle: The Complete Third Season03/29/132012United States585
DVD Republic of Doyle: The Complete First Season03/29/132010United States540
Blu-ray A Royal Affair12/14/122012United Kingdom132
Blu-ray Red Riding HoodAlternate Cut12/04/122011United States100
Blu-ray The Roommate11/29/122011United States91
Blu-ray Red Dawn11/21/121984United States114
Blu-ray Rosemary's BabyThe Criterion Collection10/30/121968United States137
Blu-ray The Raven10/09/122012United States110
Blu-ray A River Runs Through It09/01/121992United States124
Blu-ray Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway07/24/122008United States152
Blu-ray Rent07/24/122005United States135
Blu-ray The Rules of AttractionUnrated07/04/122002United States110
Blu-ray Reindeer GamesThe Director's Cut07/01/122000United States125
Blu-ray Raising Arizona06/12/121987United States94
Blu-ray Rounders08/26/111998United States121
Blu-ray Restrepo12/10/102010United States94
Blu-ray Remember Me12/01/102010United States113
Blu-ray The Rundown11/18/102003United States105
Blu-ray Robin HoodUnrated Director's Cut11/07/102010United States156
Blu-ray Romeo & Juliet10/22/101996United States120
Blu-ray Run Lola Run10/01/101998United States80
Blu-ray Red Riding: 1974/1980/1983Special Edition09/01/102009United States308
Blu-ray Road to Perdition08/19/102002United States117
Blu-ray Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesExtended Version08/17/101991United States155
DVD Retribution05/21/102000United States99
Blu-ray Rome: The Complete Series12/22/092005United States1229
Blu-ray The Reader12/02/092008United States124
Blu-ray Requiem for a DreamDirector's Cut09/10/092000United States101
DVD Romeo & JulietWidescreen Collection04/19/091968United States138
Blu-ray RocknRollaSpecial Edition02/06/092008United States115
Blu-ray Risky Business09/19/081983United States99
Blu-ray The RuinsUnrated07/19/082008United States93
Blu-ray The Recruit06/05/082003United States115
DVD Roar: The Complete Series04/03/081997United States583
Blu-ray The Rock02/16/081996United States137
Blu-ray Reign of Fire02/16/082002United States102
Blu-ray Remember the Titans02/16/082000United States113
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Brawl in Cell Block 99

Year of production: 2017
Running time: 132 Minutes
Bought on 01/11/18
(Release date: 12/26/17)
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2017
Running time: 135 Minutes
Bought at Best Buy Online
on 01/10/18
(Release date: 01/09/18)
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2017
Running time: 87 Minutes
Bought at Ebay
on 01/08/18
(Release date: 12/26/17)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 1991
Running time: 137 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 01/08/18
(Release date: 12/26/17)
American Made

Year of production: 2017
Running time: 115 Minutes
Bought at Ebay
on 01/08/18
(Release date: 01/02/18)
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2017
Running time: 121 Minutes
Bought on 01/06/18
(Release date: 12/19/17)
Manhunt: Unabomber
2-Disc Collection
Year of production: 2017
Running time: 340 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 12/28/17
(Release date: 12/26/17)
Special Edition
Year of production: 2004
Running time: 125 Minutes
Bought on 12/28/17
(Release date: 04/05/11)
London Spy

Year of production: 2015
Running time: 290 Minutes
Bought at Ebay
on 12/28/17
(Release date: 04/12/16)
The Hitman's Bodyguard
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2017
Running time: 118 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 12/20/17
(Release date: 11/21/17)
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