Movie titleEditionDate of purchase
Blu-ray Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Third Season11/28/13
Blu-ray Die Hard07/05/12
Blu-ray Pride & Prejudice12/22/10
Blu-ray Tulip Fever10/13/19
Blu-ray The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day03/03/10
Blu-ray The Matrix Reloaded11/25/10
Blu-ray Asphaltgorillas09/06/19
Blu-ray The Universe: 7 Wonders of the Solar System 3D11/29/12
Blu-ray Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season05/18/16
Blu-ray Prison Break: The Complete First Season: Disc One12/08/13
Blu-ray Django Unchained06/11/13
Blu-ray The Edge05/28/10
Blu-ray Meet Joe Black09/01/12
Blu-ray Judy12/28/19
DVD Everwood: The Complete First Season08/06/16
Blu-ray The Phantom of the Opera09/22/18
DVD Dummy01/02/14
Blu-ray The Conjuring12/20/13
Blu-ray Red Cliff - Part I09/18/13
Blu-ray Being Human: Season One08/05/12
Blu-ray The Legend of Tarzan 3D11/29/16
Blu-ray Spread04/23/15
Blu-ray Dylan Dog: Dead of Night12/01/14
Blu-ray Neighbors05/12/15
Blu-ray The Others09/07/11
DVD Solomon & Gaenor01/04/16
Blu-ray Kill Your Darlings05/30/16
Blu-ray Prison Break: The Complete Series12/08/13
DVD The Chumscrubber01/16/12
Blu-ray Armageddon04/27/10
Blu-ray Sherlock: Season Two07/04/12
Blu-ray Riverdale: The Complete First Season02/28/18
Blu-ray Brooklyn03/15/16
DVD Ned Kelly06/05/08
Blu-ray Tetro06/13/13
Blu-ray Rent07/24/12
Blu-ray Only the Brave02/06/18
Blu-ray Luther: Series 202/02/16
Blu-ray Chatroom02/28/18
Blu-ray Spectre02/09/16
Blu-ray Strike Back: Cinemax® Season Two08/06/13
Blu-ray Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones02/20/15
DVD N'Sync: Live From Madison Square Garden07/14/10
Blu-ray Die Hard 2: Die Harder07/01/12
Blu-ray Elizabeth: The Golden Age04/27/10
Blu-ray Wanted06/21/14
Blu-ray Free Fire10/21/17
Blu-ray Zombieland12/15/10
Blu-ray The Matrix Revolutions11/25/10
Blu-ray Der Fall Collini10/20/19
Blu-ray Shifty01/23/14
Blu-ray Vietnam in HD12/01/15
DVD Quantico: The Complete First Season09/14/16
Blu-ray Supernatural: The Complete First Season06/23/10
Blu-ray The Man From U.N.C.L.E.11/21/15
Blu-ray Lethal Weapon Bonus12/05/12
Blu-ray Crank05/21/19
Blu-ray Da Vinci's Demons: The Complete First Season05/07/14
Blu-ray Bridesmaids09/06/11
DVD There Goes My Baby05/17/12
Blu-ray The Kill Team12/28/19
Blu-ray Moneyball12/08/13
Blu-ray Sunshine on Leith03/13/14
Blu-ray Great Expectations05/23/13
DVD Amnesia12/08/16
Blu-ray Running Scared06/13/13
Blu-ray Forbidden Planet07/11/12
Blu-ray The Musketeers: The Complete Series 306/03/17
Blu-ray The Ultimate Gift05/23/20
Blu-ray Bates Motel: Season One12/27/13
Blu-ray The Boy in the Striped Pajamas11/02/15
DVD Nine Queens04/17/09
Blu-ray Foxcatcher03/03/15
Blu-ray Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street12/08/09
Blu-ray Tristan + Isolde03/05/17
Blu-ray The Harvesters12/14/19
Blu-ray Crimson Tide02/16/08
Blu-ray Legend of the Black Scorpion08/10/15
Blu-ray Shameless: The Complete First Season12/26/11
Blu-ray Ready Player One 3D08/11/18
DVD Stay07/29/09
Blu-ray The Expanse: Season One02/22/17
Blu-ray I, Frankenstein 3D10/02/17
Blu-ray 30 Days of Night09/29/10
Blu-ray Preacher: Season Two10/06/18
Blu-ray Luther: Series 302/02/16
Blu-ray Miracle11/29/12
DVD Blood in the Water11/19/16
DVD Teen Wolf: Season 5: Part 112/15/15
Blu-ray Vikings: Season 4: Volume 111/30/16
Blu-ray Arrow: The Complete First Season11/01/13
DVD Celtic Thunder - Take Me Home01/06/11
DVD N'Sync: Most Requested Hit Videos07/14/10
Blu-ray Die Hard With a Vengeance07/05/12
Blu-ray Dune04/27/10
Blu-ray The Wall08/15/17
Blu-ray Breaking Bad: The Complete Second Season03/03/10
Blu-ray The Matrix11/25/10
Blu-ray A Royal Affair12/14/12
Blu-ray F├╝hrerns Elit12/05/14
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The Ultimate Gift

Year of production: 2006
Running time: 117 Minutes
Bought on 05/23/20
(Release date: 11/15/11)
Top Gun
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 1986
Running time: 110 Minutes
Bought at Target
on 05/21/20
(Release date: 05/19/20)
War of the Worlds
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2005
Running time: 116 Minutes
Bought at Target
on 05/20/20
(Release date: 05/19/20)
Days of Thunder
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 1990
Running time: 120 Minutes
Bought at Target
on 05/20/20
(Release date: 05/19/20)
The Call of the Wild
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2020
Running time: 105 Minutes
Bought at Best Buy Online
on 05/15/20
(Release date: 05/12/20)
Midsommar: Il Villaggio dei Dannati
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2019
Running time: 148 Minutes
Bought at Ebay Italy
on 05/15/20
(Release date: 11/13/19)
Birds of Prey
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2020
Running time: 109 Minutes
Bought at Amazon US
on 05/12/20
(Release date: 05/12/20)
Castle Rock: The Complete First Season
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2018
Running time: 501 Minutes
Bought on 05/10/20
(Release date: 01/08/19)
Westworld: Season Two: The Door
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2018
Running time: 637 Minutes
Bought at Amazon US
on 05/10/20
(Release date: 12/04/18)
The Mask of Zorro
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 1998
Running time: 137 Minutes
Bought at Best Buy Online
on 05/05/20
(Release date: 05/05/20)
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