Movie titleEditionDate of purchase
Blu-ray Midsommar: Il Villaggio dei Dannati4K Ultra HD05/15/20
Blu-ray Castle Rock: The Complete First Season4K Ultra HD05/10/20
Blu-ray The Echo03/06/20
Blu-ray The Slumber Party MassacreSteelBook02/12/20
Blu-ray The House That Jack BuiltDirector's Cut02/11/20
Blu-ray Zombieland: Double Tap4K Ultra HD01/21/20
Blu-ray Stephen King's The MistTwo-Disc Collector's Edition01/19/20
Blu-ray Tammy and the T-Rex4K Ultra HD12/28/19
Blu-ray MidsommarDirector's Cut12/14/19
Blu-ray Midsommar12/14/19
Blu-ray IT: Chapter Two4K Ultra HD12/12/19
Blu-ray Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark4K Ultra HD11/06/19
Shaun of the Dead4K Ultra HD11/05/19
Blu-ray Life Like10/25/19
Blu-ray The Haunting of Hill HouseExtended Director's Cut10/24/19
Blu-ray The Prodigy10/19/19
Blu-ray Hellboy4K Ultra HD10/15/19
DVD Triple Terror Collection10/14/19
Blu-ray The Terror: The Complete First Season10/11/19
Blu-ray Zombieland4K Ultra HD10/02/19
Blu-ray The Shining4K Ultra HD10/02/19
Blu-ray Pet Sematary4K Ultra HD10/02/19
Blu-ray Daybreakers4K Ultra HD09/10/19
Blu-ray Supernatural: The Complete Thirteenth Season09/06/19
Blu-ray Brightburn4K Ultra HD08/30/19
DVD We Have Always Lived in the Castle08/26/19
Blu-ray Don't Look Now4K Ultra HD08/02/19
Blu-ray Thelma07/12/19
Blu-ray Us4K Ultra HD06/18/19
Blu-ray Hellboy II: The Golden Army4K Ultra HD05/21/19
Blu-ray Hannibal4K Ultra HD05/21/19
Blu-ray The VVitch4K Ultra HD04/24/19
Blu-ray Alien4K Ultra HD04/24/19
Blu-ray Dog Soldiers4K Ultra HD03/30/19
Blu-ray Overlord4K Ultra HD02/20/19
Blu-ray Venom4K Ultra HD12/20/18
Blu-ray Jigsaw4K Ultra HD11/24/18
Blu-ray The First Purge4K Ultra HD10/25/18
Blu-ray Hereditary4K Ultra HD09/27/18
Blu-ray American Psycho4K Ultra HD09/25/18
Blu-ray Christine4K Ultra HD09/13/18
Blu-ray Marrowbone4K Ultra HD09/04/18
Blu-ray The Endless07/28/18
Blu-ray Resolution07/28/18
Blu-ray IT4K Ultra HD01/10/18
Blu-ray Mayhem4K Ultra HD01/08/18
Blu-ray Mother!4K Ultra HD01/06/18
Blu-ray Supernatural: The Complete Twelfth Season12/19/17
Blu-ray Better Watch Out12/05/17
Blu-ray Bone Tomahawk12/04/17
DVD Blood for Dracula11/30/17
Blu-ray Blood For Dracula11/30/17
DVD Blood for DraculaThe Criterion Collection11/30/17
Blu-ray The Limehouse Golem11/15/17
DVD The Purge: Anarchy4K Ultra HD11/03/17
DVD The Purge4K Ultra HD11/03/17
DVD The Purge: Election Year4K Ultra HD11/03/17
Blu-ray Bram Stoker's Dracula4K Ultra HD10/11/17
Blu-ray Warm Bodies4K Ultra HD10/02/17
Blu-ray I, Frankenstein 3D10/02/17
Blu-ray Van Helsing4K Ultra HD09/25/17
Blu-ray The Ghoul09/16/17
Blu-ray Get Out4K Ultra HD09/10/17
Blu-ray It Comes at Night09/10/17
Blu-ray The Cabin in the Woods4K Ultra HD09/05/17
DVD The Strain: The Complete Third Season08/02/17
Blu-ray Split4K Ultra HD07/06/17
Blu-ray LIFE4K Ultra HD06/20/17
Blu-ray Resident Evil: The Final Chapter4K Ultra HD05/30/17
Blu-ray Triangle05/28/17
Blu-ray Get Out05/20/17
Blu-ray Underworld: Blood Wars3D + 2D05/08/17
Blu-ray The Strain: The Complete Second Season05/04/17
Blu-ray The Invitation01/23/17
Blu-ray Underworld4K Ultra HD12/28/16
Blu-ray I Am Legend4K Ultra HD12/08/16
Blu-ray Don't Breathe11/30/16
Blu-ray Supernatural: The Complete Eleventh Season11/26/16
Blu-ray Dominion: Season Two11/24/16
Blu-ray The Living and the Dead11/24/16
Blu-ray Dominion: Season One11/19/16
Blu-ray Hemlock Grove: Season One11/17/16
Blu-ray An American Werewolf in LondonRestored Edition09/27/16
DVD Bedlam: Series Two09/12/16
Blu-ray The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season08/23/16
Blu-ray The Boy07/15/16
Blu-ray Hostel: Part III06/07/16
Blu-ray Pride + Prejudice + Zombies4K Ultra HD05/31/16
Blu-ray The VVitch05/24/16
Blu-ray Penny Dreadful: The Complete Second Season05/03/16
Blu-ray The Canal05/03/16
Blu-ray Deliver Us From Evil04/18/16
Blu-ray Crimson Peak02/09/16
Blu-ray Goosebumps02/05/16
DVD Teen Wolf: Season 5: Part 112/15/15
Blu-ray Supernatural: The Complete Tenth Season11/28/15
Blu-ray The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season11/27/15
Blu-ray Bram Stoker's DraculaSupreme Cinema Series10/06/15
DVD Teen Wolf: Season 409/26/15
Blu-ray Backcountry09/03/15
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The Ultimate Gift

Year of production: 2006
Running time: 117 Minutes
Bought on 05/23/20
(Release date: 11/15/11)
Top Gun
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 1986
Running time: 110 Minutes
Bought at Target
on 05/21/20
(Release date: 05/19/20)
War of the Worlds
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2005
Running time: 116 Minutes
Bought at Target
on 05/20/20
(Release date: 05/19/20)
Days of Thunder
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 1990
Running time: 120 Minutes
Bought at Target
on 05/20/20
(Release date: 05/19/20)
The Call of the Wild
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2020
Running time: 105 Minutes
Bought at Best Buy Online
on 05/15/20
(Release date: 05/12/20)
Midsommar: Il Villaggio dei Dannati
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2019
Running time: 148 Minutes
Bought at Ebay Italy
on 05/15/20
(Release date: 11/13/19)
Birds of Prey
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2020
Running time: 109 Minutes
Bought at Amazon US
on 05/12/20
(Release date: 05/12/20)
Castle Rock: The Complete First Season
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2018
Running time: 501 Minutes
Bought on 05/10/20
(Release date: 01/08/19)
Westworld: Season Two: The Door
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2018
Running time: 637 Minutes
Bought at Amazon US
on 05/10/20
(Release date: 12/04/18)
The Mask of Zorro
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 1998
Running time: 137 Minutes
Bought at Best Buy Online
on 05/05/20
(Release date: 05/05/20)
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