Movie titleEditionDate of purchase
Blu-ray Birds of Prey4K Ultra HD05/12/20
Blu-ray Bad Boys for Life4K Ultra HD04/21/20
Blu-ray Breach04/17/20
Blu-ray Beauty and the Beast4K Ultra HD03/12/20
Blu-ray Boyz N the Hood4K Ultra HD02/20/20
Blu-ray Brick02/08/20
Blu-ray Bad Boys I & II12/19/19
Blu-ray Batman4K Ultra HD12/04/19
Blu-ray Batman & Robin4K Ultra HD12/04/19
Blu-ray Batman Returns4K Ultra HD12/04/19
Blu-ray Batman Forever4K Ultra HD12/04/19
Blu-ray The Boys Next Door11/26/19
Blu-ray Brightburn4K Ultra HD08/30/19
Blu-ray Berlin, I Love You08/26/19
Blu-ray Big Little Lies06/16/19
Blu-ray Black Hawk Down4K Ultra HD05/08/19
Blu-ray Backdraft4K Ultra HD05/07/19
Blu-ray Ben Is Back03/09/19
Blu-ray Bohemian Rhapsody4K Ultra HD03/03/19
Blu-ray Boy Erased02/01/19
Blu-ray Bad Times at the El Royale4K Ultra HD01/01/19
Blu-ray Blindspotting11/22/18
Blu-ray BlacKkKlansman4K Ultra HD11/06/18
Blu-ray Bodyguard10/17/18
Blu-ray Beast09/08/18
Blu-ray Buster's Mal Heart06/13/18
Blu-ray Braveheart4K Ultra HD05/16/18
Blu-ray Black Panther4K UHD Cinematic Universe Edition05/16/18
Blu-ray Brotherhood of Blades II02/28/18
Blu-ray The Bridge on the River Kwai4K Ultra HD02/05/18
Blu-ray Blade Runner 20494K Ultra HD01/17/18
Blu-ray Brawl in Cell Block 994K Ultra HD01/11/18
Blu-ray Batman Begins4K Ultra HD12/20/17
Blu-ray The Benefactor12/15/17
Blu-ray Better Watch Out12/05/17
Blu-ray Bone Tomahawk12/04/17
Blu-ray Blood For Dracula11/30/17
Blu-ray The Birth of a Nation4K Ultra HD11/30/17
DVD Blood for Dracula11/30/17
DVD Blood for DraculaThe Criterion Collection11/30/17
Blu-ray The Beguiled11/30/17
Blu-ray Baby Driver4K Ultra HD10/11/17
Blu-ray Bram Stoker's Dracula4K Ultra HD10/11/17
Blu-ray Blade Runner4K Ultra HD09/06/17
Blu-ray Black Sails: The Complete Fourth Season09/06/17
Blu-ray Baywatch4K Ultra HD: Extended Cut08/31/17
Blu-ray Bates Motel: Season Four08/09/17
Blu-ray Broadchurch: Series Three06/22/17
Blu-ray Beauty and the Beast06/22/17
Blu-ray Bates Motel: Season Three06/06/17
Blu-ray Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk4K Ultra HD02/13/17
Blu-ray Battleship4K Ultra HD02/08/17
Blu-ray Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands02/07/17
Blu-ray The Bourne Identity4K Ultra HD12/09/16
Blu-ray The Bourne Supremacy4K Ultra HD12/09/16
Blu-ray The Bourne Ultimatum4K Ultra HD12/09/16
Blu-ray The Bourne Legacy4K Ultra HD12/09/16
Blu-ray Black Sails: The Complete Third Season11/23/16
DVD Blood in the Water11/19/16
Blu-ray Banshee: The Complete Fourth Season10/04/16
DVD Bedlam: Series Two09/12/16
Blu-ray Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice4K Ultra HD07/18/16
Blu-ray The Boy07/15/16
Blu-ray The Barber05/30/16
Blu-ray Banshee: The Complete Third Season04/06/16
Blu-ray The Best of MeTears of Joy Edition04/06/16
Blu-ray Brooklyn03/15/16
Blu-ray Burnt01/26/16
Blu-ray Beyond the Reach01/08/16
Blu-ray Bates Motel: Season Two12/08/15
Blu-ray Black Sails: The Complete First Season11/29/15
Blu-ray Black Sails: The Complete Second Season11/28/15
Blu-ray The Boy in the Striped Pajamas11/02/15
Blu-ray Bram Stoker's DraculaSupreme Cinema Series10/06/15
Blu-ray Brotherhood of Blades09/11/15
Blu-ray Backcountry09/03/15
DVD By Any Means07/27/15
Blu-ray Le Pacte des loups07/25/15
Blu-ray Blackhat05/12/15
Blu-ray Black Sea05/08/15
Blu-ray The Babadook04/19/15
Blu-ray Broadchurch: Series Two03/25/15
Blu-ray The Book of Eli03/25/15
Blu-ray Bullhead02/04/15
Blu-ray Banshee: The Complete Second Season12/31/14
Blu-ray Brick Mansions12/03/14
Blu-ray Bunraku12/02/14
Blu-ray Brahms: The Complete Symphonies12/02/14
DVD Bernstein: Ode to Joy11/17/14
Blu-ray Borgia: Saison 311/13/14
Blu-ray Borgia: Die komplette 1. StaffelDirector's Cut05/15/14
Blu-ray Borgia: Die komplette 2. StaffelDirector's Cut05/15/14
Blu-ray Borgia: Saison 104/30/14
Blu-ray Borgia: Int├ęgrale Saison 204/30/14
Blu-ray The Borgias: The Final Season04/26/14
Blu-ray Big Bad Wolves04/23/14
Blu-ray The Bridge: The Complete Series One03/04/14
Blu-ray BroadchurchSeries One01/29/14
Blu-ray Being Human: Season Five01/16/14
Blu-ray Bates Motel: Season One12/27/13
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The Ultimate Gift

Year of production: 2006
Running time: 117 Minutes
Bought on 05/23/20
(Release date: 11/15/11)
Top Gun
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 1986
Running time: 110 Minutes
Bought at Target
on 05/21/20
(Release date: 05/19/20)
War of the Worlds
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2005
Running time: 116 Minutes
Bought at Target
on 05/20/20
(Release date: 05/19/20)
Days of Thunder
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 1990
Running time: 120 Minutes
Bought at Target
on 05/20/20
(Release date: 05/19/20)
The Call of the Wild
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2020
Running time: 105 Minutes
Bought at Best Buy Online
on 05/15/20
(Release date: 05/12/20)
Midsommar: Il Villaggio dei Dannati
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2019
Running time: 148 Minutes
Bought at Ebay Italy
on 05/15/20
(Release date: 11/13/19)
Birds of Prey
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2020
Running time: 109 Minutes
Bought at Amazon US
on 05/12/20
(Release date: 05/12/20)
Castle Rock: The Complete First Season
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2018
Running time: 501 Minutes
Bought on 05/10/20
(Release date: 01/08/19)
Westworld: Season Two: The Door
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 2018
Running time: 637 Minutes
Bought at Amazon US
on 05/10/20
(Release date: 12/04/18)
The Mask of Zorro
4K Ultra HD
Year of production: 1998
Running time: 137 Minutes
Bought at Best Buy Online
on 05/05/20
(Release date: 05/05/20)
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